Saturday, October 15, 2011


Today, someone was thinking of me, Alison from happydomesticity is a food blogger and lives in Canada with her hubby and her beautiful dog, Bob.  Alison is among my first "comments"   I thank her for that.   She has presented me with the "Liebster Blog Award". Well, this made my day and made me happy. I was thrilled to hear from Alison and next my thought was what is it? So my understanding is in german "Liebster" means "dear" and from the verb "Lieber" to love.  The purpose of the award is to bring attention to blogs with less that 200 followers. 

1. Thank your giver
2. Copy & paste the "Liebster" award to your blog
3. Pay it forward to 5 blogs who you feel deserve this either by e-mail or post to their blog.

Very difficult to pick only 5, I love them all that I have listed on my side bar.   I am paying this forward to blogs that I read and enjoy, not listed in any order:

1. Kirsten at thesweetswiper   Kirsten loves to bake, she dances her way around blogland and finds recipes.  she makes, she blogs, and she gives credit to where she got the recipe.  I see that we both made the same recipe this week.    Cake batter krispy bars. 

2. Anita at auntnubbyskitchen has the best "hot Buffalo wings" plus lots more.  Anita has over 151 recipes she has posted for this year.  She does some serious cooking.  I see she has made baby back ribs.  I will investigate those.  

3. Pat at patspinkapron who loves to decorate, cook and is a animal lover.  She even has mice to eat on her page!  I will be making these whimical little truffles for sure. Or at least try.   

4. Lisa at cooklisacook loves to bake and share her recipes.  Lisa is part of the Secret Recipe Club, she has a beautiful little girl "Maisie" who is her kitchen helper. 

5. Paige at thecrunchymamacita is a mom to three little boys, she is part of the Crazy Cooking Challenge, in the process of building a new home. And does a great job to put a good healthy dinner on the table.  

Thank you Alison,    Happy Baking everyone,  Andi


  1. Thank you Andi! I am honored that you would think of me. Happy cooking!

  2. Thank you Andi I'm also very honored that you have thought of me and I love your site cookie lover gal friend. You have made my day bright!

  3. Congrats on the award! You definitely deserve it.