Saturday, September 22, 2012


I made cupcakes for me.  Because its my birthday.  Can't remember how old I am going to be. I always have to ask Mr. Dick then I add one year.  I knew when I was 23 because I was born on the 23rd.  But since then I forgot................ 

Going to visit Miss Morgan in October, she lives in Houston, Texas.  Love to visit her just don't want to get on a plane.  Texas is so scary compared to my little landscape in Maine.   My last visit Princess Morgan picked me up at the airport told me in get in the car, put on the seatbelt and shut up.......................I tried hard to obey her.  So, at one point in our travels I said can't you slow down, she said "no" I have to keep with the flow of traffic, I said "Morgan"  no one is around us either in front or behind us.   

But, I am really excited to visit again, my last visit we tried hard to find a cowboy. None found.  Or at least in Houston, all week my camera was ready, So when did I see my cowboy, in the airport headed home!!!  

Oh, I though for sure I could find a demin skirt. After all its Texas, Cowgirls must wear them, the selection will be great.  NO, she takes me to a cowboy boot store, and they tell me to go to the "Gap"!  I flew, been peeing my pants in the car with all your traffic, and you tell me to go to the GAP...  I could of gone to the Maine Mall and stayed home!!!

Hope you like my cupcakes! They were called Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes and I iced them with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting.   Found on Pinterest, I love that place, I visit it everyday at least once.  I got the recipe for these lovely little cupcakes at glorious treats.  Will keep this recipe for sure.  Finding a white cake recipe is like finding that white blouse for our wardrobe.   Every wardrobe should have a crisp white blouse.  Just like we all need a white tee shirt at the beginning of the summer season.   

Happy Birthday to me, and enjoy your day, go pick some apples!  Make a apple crisp or make some cupcakes......  andi

                                            Have a great day           


  1. Happy Birthday!! I wish you a day full of love, light and laughter and a year brim full of all you have ever dared to dream of and much, much more!! x

  2. Happy birthday, Andi! Just stick with 23, since it's easier to remember! Your Texas story is too funny, hope you enjoy your visit in October. I will be driving to my sister's in mid October for a baby shower, wave if you see me!

  3. Happy Birthday! Those cupcakes look delicious!

  4. Andi, hope you had a lovely birthday. Thank you for following Carole's Chatter. The next Food on Friday is all about mushrooms. It would be great if you linked in. Cheers

  5. Happy birthday. Totally with you on the terror of planes and other people navigating the car! Have a great time in TX - I loved driving through the state ....strangely, I became a vegetarian on that drive (have you ever seen a cattle car drive by at 100 mph?