Sunday, February 17, 2013


I made a Cherry Pie for the President's Day celebration.  A favorite pie of President Washington. Wonder if he really made cherry pies??  Or did he get Martha to do the pie for him.  What was the recipe   they used? Did he really chop down the cherry tree with his hatchet?  Who knows but we do like a good cherry pie.   Check this out, I found this recipe at comfortably domestic. Kirsten is the cook behind this Favorite Cherry Pie.  Go check out her blog she will show you with lots of pictures of how she made her favorite cherry pie.  She will also show how she made the lattice top for the pie.   So pretty.  

So here is my pie, my first ever cherry pie.  


This is the pie crust that is my favorite, recipe from Marjorie Standish of Maine.   Mother goose always used this recipe and so do I.  Check it out, its easy to make vinegar-pie-crust.  I form the dough into a ball then slice and you have 4 crusts.  I lightly wet down the rolling area with a cloth, then lay waxed paper,  put on a section of the dough, cover with wax paper and roll with your rolling pin.  Never add any more flour to the dough.  Remove the top wax paper, then lay the dough over your pie plate and peel off the waxed paper.   Easy as pie!!!  You can also freeze the the extra pie crust for another use. 

I changed the pie filling a little

4 cups of frozen, pitted tart cherries   
*(I used 3 cans of pitted tart cherries)
1 cup of sugar
3 TBSP of cornstarch
pinch of salt
*1 cup of the drained cherry juice
*1 tsp of cherry extract 

then I followed the directions from Kirsten.

                        Happy Baking Friends

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  1. Beautiful pie, Andi! Cherry pie for President's Day is very appropriate. :)

  2. Your Cherry Pie sounds great!

    Happy Presidents Day! =)

  3. Hi Andi, I ❤ cherry pie! I also love the idea of the four pie crusts. I will check out the recipe. Thank you for your visit. It is always appreciated. King Arthur scones recipes are soooo good, aren't they? xo

  4. This looks great. I love the lattice top.

  5. Andi,
    It looks delicious!

  6. Hi Andi,
    Oh...My goodness...You are not only a baker but an artisan. Your cherry pie is beautiful and I'm sure it was delicious!
    What a sweetheart you are to stop by and leave such a kind comment.
    Have a lovely week, my friend.
    Carolynn xoxo

    1. you are way too sweet, but thank you for your kind words and visit. andi

  7. I love cherry pie and this sounds and looks delicious, but I am terrified of making crusts!

    1. Don't be scared, and homemade is so much better tasting. Just do it, its not hard really it isn't. I'll come over and help you with your first try! andi

  8. Your cherry pie looks perfect and sounds so good! I used to make them a lot, but haven't made one in quite a while, now I'll be wishing for one after seeing yours!

  9. mouth is watering! We have 4 tart cherry trees in our orchard. It's my husbands favorite pie. Which reminds me, it's about time I made one! Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays! Have a great weekend!