Thursday, September 19, 2013


The cookie collection continues.............
Peanut Butter Cookies!
These cookies are from Dorothy at Crazy for Crust.  You can find the recipe  here.  Dorothy photo's are beautiful makes you want to jump in the screen and grab and run with a cookie.  Dorothy made her's larger using 1/4 cup full.  Why, oh why, didn't I.  I am a cookie lover.  I used the standard cookie scoop plus a bit more dough.   Dorothy suggest you chill the dough, makes for a better cookie.  I did chill the dough. Ok, not long enough but about 3 hours.  She's killing me when I saw that.  I can't wait that long. I really like this cookie with the bits of Peanut Butter Chips in them.   Go visit Dorothy, she'll love having the visit.   

Maybe I should of rolled the dough after scooping them, It would of made the edges a little prettier. 
But I didn't. Next time I will, you have to press these cookies before baking, they don't spread much. Peanut Butter lovers take notice.  These were taken to work with Mr. Dick and he came home with a empty container, so I quess someone enjoyed them.  

Enjoy baking my friend,   Andi 

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  1. Mmmmm. These look amazing! I'm hosting a throw pillow giveaway that you should enter!

  2. I love a good peanut butter cookie! My daughter was just asking me to make her some, and I think I found the perfect recipe to try!