Saturday, October 5, 2013


Apple Cinnamon Crumb Muffins..........Baked with  fresh picked apples for our local apple orchard and buttermilk.  This recipe is from Martha Stewart and  Go over and visit and say hello and check it out.  I followed her recipe but added the icing just because I can.  They are moist and filled with bits of apple. Serve warm from the oven for the best flavor.  This is a keeper for sure.  

Make a icing using confectioners sugar and a little milk and stir until the consistency is right.  Then fill a sandwich bag with the icing and cut a tiny corner and squeeze the bag and drizzle the tops of each muffin.   PRINT RECIPE     

Saturday morning doesn't get much better than homemade warm muffins............

                                 Enjoy and happy baking my friends

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  1. You didn't steer me wrong with the apple pie muffins, so I'm definitely going to be trying these crumb ones!