Saturday, November 16, 2013


...So here's yet another bread recipe for "Apple-Anna Bread". I am still cooking with apples!   Visit allrecipes to get the original recipe which is for 30 servings.  Basically, making two loafs.  I like that on all recipes you can adjust the serving size.  This recipe proves that it does work.  I cut it to 15 servings and my bread came out wonderful.   Enjoy     

This recipe comes from allrecipes called Banana Apple Bread.  I just changed the name because I can. Mother Goose (Tina) always made a bread and it was called Apple Anna Bread so that is where my name came from.   The recipe is the same that she used for many years,  she just didn't do the topping.  I think she would approve of this.  The topping for this is so addicting......I could of eaten the top layer and left the bread in the pan.  Don't get me wrong the bread is excellent. The directions call for yogurt but not having any in the house I used sour cream.   Some kinda good. The original makes 2 loafs of bread. But since I changed out the serving size I got one loaf and the bread pan was full to the top.    

Prettiest little cowgirl bride I ever did see!

Happy Birthday Ms. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Sam T
Houston, Texas


  1. The bread looks delicious Andi! and I agree with you, that brown sugar cinnamon and butter is good enough to eat by itself! Thank You for sharing! Cute pics too!, Lizy

  2. Thanks for the comment you left on my Fall Photo Shoot with Kaija post! Wish I could bake. Your dish looks yum!

  3. Oh my, that does look addicting. The cowgirl and her cowboy look so happy! Cute couple. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.