Wednesday, January 1, 2014


These "hot chocolate on a stick" were fun to make.  They do melt in hot milk and taste good.   Miss Morgan made some of these last Christmas so I decided I wanted to try my hands at making them.   They are a two day adventure.  Make the homemade marshmallows and the chocolate blocks on one day and then the next day you can cut them and make your bags.  Tie the bags with pretty ribbon and you have "Hot Chocolate on a stick"    How cute is that.   I found the recipe for the homemade marshmallows at the Food Network with alton-brown.    And the chocolate blocks was taken from King arthur flour.   

Home made cocoa blocks and marshmallows

Look at Santa he is one happy boy, nice smile on his face.   He enjoyed his Hot Cocoa and home made cookies.

                                         Happy New Year wishes to all for a great year for 2014

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