Thursday, September 25, 2014


Baking today from Pinterest..............

My first attempt at making rolls.........with yeast!  Thinking I may change the name to "Amish heating pad Potato rolls"   Yup, I used the heating pad to help rise my dough and it worked.   I found this recipe for the rolls on Pinterest from baked by rachel.   These rolls came out great for my first attempt at a yeast roll.   They were fairly easy to make and are light and fluffy.  Served hot from the oven and cover with butter. 

Print recipe from Rachel

I did make a mistake and used 2 1/2 teaspoon of yeast.  One quarter teaspoon more then what the recipe calls for. I also kneeded the dough for a minute or so.  When making the potato make sure you mash it well to rid of any potato lumps.  NO lumps wanted in my bread.  The end result I was pleased with myself. 
After making the dough and putting in a lightly greased bread bowl I set the bowl on the heating pad and set the control to med high.  I covered the bowl with a clean linen towel.  This is one place that the I Phone timer is great.  I set my time for 90 minutes and went about doing other things.  Not done yet, one more step.  Follow the directions from Rachel    Enjoy 

My next try was making Zuchinni Pineapple Loaf which is great I got 2 loafs of Zuchinni bread.  I wrapped one of the loafs in freezer paper and placed in the freezer for another day.   And I ate the other not really but I could.   Very good

This is also a pinterest find at mennonitegirlscancook.  The bread is perfect!   I did drain the pineapple using a 8 ounce can of crushed pineapple.  You can see the bits of pineapple in the bread, moist and yummy.    


  1. Both of these recipes look delicious! I love Zuchinni ! =)

  2. Your kitchen must have smelled wonderful after all your baking! Your yeast rolls look great, can't believe these are your first. I have also used a heating pad to help rise my dough (learned that from my Mother).

  3. Yup, my first time, they are a bit big but that's ok. Not sure where I saw the heating pad idea but it worked, also saw someplace to place the dough in a warm car..........................Thanks for the visit from you and Melissa hope all is well with you both.....................